Our remodel project started in February and was completed in August - it was a big project. Jill never wavered, she kept on top of the contractors, sometimes having to call and recall and demand the work be complete in a timely manner and she demanded quality. If something was not done to her standards it was re-done. She checked in with us weekly, often coming up just to look and make sure all was going well. She did a great job, she took a huge load off of my husband and I and the results are amazing - beautiful.

I first hired Jill Herman of J. Megan Interiors to help me decorate my bedroom, which was the most neglected room in the house. I was buying pieces and in most cases taking them back, I was very discouraged as I was spending a lot of money and time going nowhere, that’s when I realized that my attempts were neither pleasing nor cost effective, so I called Jill. I had never imagined I’d use an interior designer, mainly because I didn’t think I could afford one, but I learned that not only could I afford a designer, it saved me money. She transformed our bedroom into a bright, fun, welcoming room. I can’t walk into it and not smile, my husband and I love what she did and she stayed within our budget.

When we started a large remodel of our master bath and guest bath, it took me several weeks working with contractors, who I assumed would have design ideas, only to be disappointed time and again. I called Jill and asked if she could design them, not only did she have a beautiful vision for our bathrooms; she hired the contractors, organized the time schedule and made sure the work was quality. Jill works very hard to ensure successful results. The project took several months and the end result is amazing, truly beautiful. Thank you Jill!

Karla Trask-Lepoutre

I could not recommend the work Jill did for me more highly.  I have a room that is a combination of a home office, an art studio, and a display area for art and comic book related statues.  Her job was to take all these disparate requirements and come up with room that was pleasing to view yet functional. Jill exceeded what I could have wished for.  She took my desires into consideration every step of the way; she designed a room functional as an office and an art studio yet did a wonderful job displaying the art and statues to their aesthetic best. She picked out flooring that was functional for an office, choosing a color that worked well showing off the displayed art. She inventoried the art and statues and selected the proper accents such as tables and lamps that blended with the displayed art and statues yet were contemporary, accenting the art to best advantage. And to top all this off she got along great with our two dogs who tended to want to be involved in her design efforts. So if you are looking for an interior decorator that will listen to you and bring you a wonderful design, I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to you.

San Diego, California

I worked with Jill as a cabinet contractor on a recent job. Jill was very professional and courteous. She was easy to work with and was very in-tuned with the client's hopes and expectations. I would highly recommend J. Megan Interiors.

Paul Botello
San Diego, California

Jill has been a dream to co-create with. She has great taste & she’s so knowledgeable. She has a strong vision, but does not take herself too seriously. I enjoyed every step of the design process and have been so happy with the finished project.

Liz Jardine
San Diego, California

Jill did a great job helping us with a renovation. She had a good balance of helping us figure out what we liked and providing us with recommendations. She was especially strong at selecting a color palette that worked really well. We are extremely happy with the way everything turned out.

Karen Mahooti
San Diego, California

Jill is very communicative, responsive, has good ideas for options, and great ideas for solutions. We are continuing to work with Jill now. She offers nice cost saving alternatives and she uses great vendors. End result on two bathrooms and a laundry room was beautiful. Excellent & highly recommended.

Teri Partaine
San Diego, California